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Online Convenience

Now you can verify payments, check your loan balance and make or schedule payments from your Home Federal accounts, online, 24/7.

If you are a Home Federal customer, sign up here for this free service.

Low-Cost Home Loans

We offer home loans with no points which helps you afford more home and still have money for furniture, carpeting and drapes.

Our low interest rates make it easier for you to set aside money each month for retirement, education or other important goals.

If you or someone you know is looking for a home loan, call us and we will help you choose the loan that saves you the most money.

Emergency Loans for Bad Credit With No Hard Credit Check

We know that sometimes things don't go as we plan. That is why we have created a financial product that can help in any situation, quickly and without depending on your credit rating.

To apply for an emergency loan for bad credit with no hard credit check you will need 10 minutes. It takes no more than an hour to get approval. You can receive money into your account on this day, or at most on the next business day.

Personal Loans

Home Federal offers loan options for every personal need. You can spend the money for any purpose, whether you want to improve your home or cover some emergency expenses you can’t foresee. We strive to vest our loans with only the best the lending market can offer.

Our competitive fixed rates and equal monthly payments make it possible to repay a loan without financial stress. Choose the term that seems comfortable for you to live your normal life.

You can check Personal Loan is HERE

Mortgage Rates and Guidelines

single family; owner occupied

0 Points/No PMI

80% LTV

5 Year Ballon

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7 Year Ballon

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10 Year Fixed

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15 Year Fixed

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20 Year Fixed

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25 Year Fixed

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30 Year Fixed

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For more information regarding loans call 618-345-1121 or email us at:

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