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  • Order Checks
  • Online Convenience
  • Would you rather not pay for checking?
  • Are you 50 or older?
  • Need a checking account for your business?
  • Would you like an easy way to get cash anytime?
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Order Checks

You can now reorder your checks online. Please click the submit button below. You will be redirected to Harland Clarke website where you will be able to reorder your checks.

Online Convenience

Now you can verify that deposits and checks have cleared, confirm balances and transfer between your Home Federal accounts, online, 24/7.

If you are a Home Federal customer, sign up here for this free service.

Money Market Accounts

Earn interest on your savings while still having your money available for withdrawal whenever you need it. Money market rates are set weekly and guaranteed for one month from the day you open your account. Please ask about current rates.

This account has no fees or service charges of any kind. Deposit or withdraw money anytime, without penalty, and write up to six checks on the account per monthly statement cycle.

Would you rather not pay for checking?

Our Totally Free Checking Account lets you do just that. It’s totally free. You pay no monthly service charge and no per-check charge. Write as many checks as you want. It won’t cost you a penny.

Even better, you are not required to maintain a minimum balance. Keep as much or as little money in your account as you want.

Are you 50 or older?

Golden Eagle Checking is our special offer to customers age 50 or older. Open your account with $100 or more, and you’ll have no minimum balance requirement, never any monthly service charges, and free Golden Eagle checks. We keep images of all your cancelled checks.

Need a checking account for your business?

We are now providing business checking accounts to Collinsville-area companies. Let us know your needs and we’ll get you set up right away.

Would you like an easy way to get cash anytime?

Our check card lets you make cash withdrawals without a fee at our ATM and many other locations.  In an effort to provide you with more access points to your accounts via your Home Federal Savings & Loan ATM/Debit Card, we have joined the Allpoint Network.  The Allpoint network has over 55,000 ATM’s that you can use nationwide at NO CHARGE!  Click here for more information.

Would you like an easy way to pay?

Your Home Federal Check Card also lets you make purchases anywhere you see the MasterCard ™ logo – at more than 19 million merchants worldwide.

Helpful Services

  • Direct deposit of Social Security checks
  • Postage-paid, save-by-mail service
  • 24-hour night depository
  • Drive-up banking
  • Automatic loan payments
  • Safe deposit boxes to store valuables and important papers